Campus Investment Scout

Dec 1, 2017 | Job


Surplus Invest partners with students from top-tier universities within their investment environment. Our goal is it to further the dialogue between the founding environment at the universities and the direct contact to a VC. This will help to identify talents on both sides.

The start Date is flexible. Typically students invest 10 hours per months.


  • Number of investable start-up (B2B SaaS / Prop Tech) – Generated leads.
  • Contacts made on events, on campus, etc.
  • Number of startups sourced by the Scout Surplus actually invests in.


  • Current undergraduate, graduate or PhD student at a chosen top-tier university.
  • Heavily involved in campus life, typically as a leader of a student group focused on technology, finance, and/or entrepreneurship.
  • Demonstrated interest in tech/entrepreneurship/venture, typically through a relevant major.


  • Compensation: EUR 450 (for events, fairs, etc.)
  • Mentoring from active and experienced VC`s.
  • First consideration for an internship at Surplus Invest or a Surplus Invest portfolio company.
  • Invitation for our yearly Ambassador Oktoberfest dinner.



For further information, please get in touch via email with Luca Dahlhausen (